Auxiliary Percussion

Conventional auxiliary (or miscellaneous) percussion was once thought of as playing bongos or a pair of congas. However, that is no longer true given the variety of instruments that is available to percussionists throughout the world. Today’s percussion musicians range from Brazilian percussionists playing authentic samba rhythms in popular bands to frame drummers leading drum circles comprised of all types of musicians who have joined together in the spiritual energy of drumming.

Certain percussion ensembles require instruments that are always present in particular musical situations. For instance, a symphonic percussion section will almost always have a snare drum, bass drum, and mallet instruments. A drum set has a snare drum, bass drum, tom toms, and cymbals. But to be a total percussionist, one needs to be familiar with many of the other available auxiliary percussion instruments and the technique that is needed to play them properly. Here is a listing of some of the auxiliary percussion instruments