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Founded by Sean P. Fenlon, ListenSmart.com was originally launched in 1999 as an online music portal for independent artists and music listeners. The original portal is no longer functional, but the design and content may still be viewed on Wayback Machine on Archive.org.

The original ListenSmart.com business plan has been archived on Abovo42.com.

Other legacy stories covering the original ListenSmart.com business saga can be found:

Unfortunately, the original business was unable to survive the dot-com meltdown and the suffocating force of Napster in the online music space. However, in order to create the perfect music-appreciation type of environment for music listeners, a section of ListenSmart.com offered a wealth of additional information for those visitors looking to learn more about the world of music. Articles of approximately 500-1000 words in length were prepared by Doctoral students from The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and other professional writers on a variety of music-related topics from Music Theory to Instruments to Music History to Styles & Genres.

These articles have been retrieved from the archives and presented here for music fans to enjoy for free on the original domain, www.ListenSmart.com

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